Wear Management Software

The Wear Management module found its roots tracking conveyor belt wear.  The software now tracks hundreds of kilometres of belt across Australia with most all of the major mining companies. Accurate forecasting as well as the ability to intervene on poor performing belts sees great financial benefit to our clients.

The capability of the Wear Management module has now been extended to any wearing part with implementation already in chute liners in hard rock operations, crushers and steel wheels.

We are in an exciting position with this product currently as new applications are frequently emerging allowing sites to better manage critical wearing parts.

Having accurate wear data can highlight operational issues that can be resolved to allow longer wear life extending the gap between required shutdown for rectification.  It can also allow more accurate forecasting of change out times and procurement.  With an increasing pressure on uptime capability, this allows sites to make educated decisions on operation.

The PDS Software Package
PDS Software is ideal for the interrogation of component deterioration and for predicting product, operational and environmental influences that may adversely affect operational efficiency.  Information captured by the PDS Software allows users to drive management strategies for condition monitoring and equipment replacement, planning and scheduling.
The PDS Software consists of Asset Management as its core application along with additional modules including Idler Management, Wear Management and Inspections which can be purchased individually as required. The software is licensed on a per module, per site basis and is provided on a non-transferable subscription. The modular structure of PDS Software provides clients with the freedom to select only the modules that relate to their particular requirements. This condition management solution is web-based supporting multiple browser types and device types. An optional ruggedised version is available to best suit the user environment. 
Ongoing Support
All feedback on the functionality and usability of the PDS Software is welcomed. We often incorporate new ideas from our customers, this way we can continue to value add to their business and ensure our products offer the best outcomes for our customers. Along with our commitment to product improvement, we are also committed to client support. We know that by supporting our clients, they can get the best from our software – it’s that simple. We deliver 24-hour access to our technology through a securely hosted cloud environment, which includes regular software updates. Customers also have access to our online knowledge base to provide answers to technical questions you may have.
Software Security
The PDS Software supports password retention policies, expiry intervals and complexity rules. Passwords are encrypted and are not sent over the internet or stored as plain text. The data centres for the hosting of the PDS software is within Australia and the infrastructure is supported by a Newcastle-based company. This arrangement means both the physical protection of our customers’ data is protected with the latest in hardware and software security methodologies.

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